Five Ways Adventure Subaru Preserves the Environment

There's a reason you think adventure when you think Subaru; it's because the entire Subaru vehicle lineup comes with the intent of going off-road around Cleveland. This capability gives every Subaru driver the satisfaction of enjoying the full extent of the environment near their hometown of Bedford.

At Adventure Subaru, we want our customers to embrace the outdoors in Wickliffe inside a new Subaru SUV, sedan or hatchback. Just like our fuel-conserving Subaru lineup, our Subaru dealership facility makes a positive impact on the environment through the Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program. We even earned a Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer certification to show we're serious about the mark we leave on the environment surrounding our community.

There are five eco-friendly areas our Painesville dealership needed to nail to receive our certification:

  1. Finding energy-efficient methods like using LED light bulbs and lighting sensors.
  2. Conversing water by reducing our uses via low-flow devices in the restrooms.
  3. Recycling reusable materials like plastic, glass, and paper to reduce landfill contributions.
  4. Managing certain waste products like batteries, tires and engine oil.
  5. Being involved in the community and programs aimed to benefit the environment.

By adapting our facility to be more efficient regarding its consumption of energy and water, how it manages waste, its commitment to recycling, and partnering with the community to help the environment, Adventure Subaru is more than just a for-profit car dealership. It's a place that makes a difference in the community where our drivers live.

If you want to work with a Subaru dealership that cares about more than making money from each sale, come to Adventure Subaru, near Mentor, and we'll give you a tour of our environmentally-conscious facility before lining you up with a test drive in our new Subaru Forester.

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