Subaru brake service in Painesville

Subaru Brake Service

Your brakes are your vehicle's first line of defense, making them the most critical safety feature of your car. They allow you to maintain control on the road by slowing and stopping your Subaru when needed. Therefore, you need to have properly working brakes or else you are putting yourself and others at risk while on the road. Our Subaru service center will explain to Painesville customers the signs they need to know if their brakes need to be inspected or replaced.

Signs You Need New Brakes

Take some time to understand the signs you're vehicle needs new brakes and if you are currently experiencing any of these problems.

  • Vibrations: The most obvious sign your brakes are on their way out is when you feel vibrations as your press on the brake pad. This signals warped rotors, which can lead to a dangerous situation if not taken care sooner rather than later.
  • Squealing noise: If you press on the brakes and hear a faint scraping, squealing or buzzing sound, this suggests you need to bring your vehicle in for a service. Brakes come with wear indicators which alerts you when they need to be replaced.
  • Takes longer to come to a complete stop: Known as the "brake fade," if you find your Subaru taking longer to come to a complete stop than it did before, then it's time to bring it in to one of our mechanics to fix this!
  • Car pulls to one side when you brake: Your car's brake pads do not wear out at the same time. If one starts to wear down more than the other, you'll find your ride pulling to the left or right. If this goes unchecked, you will put pressure on your vehicle's ball joints, steering knuckles, and wheel bearings.

Why Visit Subaru Service Center in Painesville

At Adventure Subaru, we're here to help you take care of your car so it's ready for the road ahead. If you find your brakes experiencing one or more issues above, we'll fix your brakes in an efficient manner. We provide our customers with fantastic pricing so you do not have to worry about paying a fortune to fix your Subaru. Additionally, when you visit our service facility, you will meet certified technicians who have years of experience working on Subarus. You can feel secure knowing you're handing the keys off to a trusted professional. Once you receive the keys back, your Subaru will be as good as new.

Service Review

"Service Department, Subaru Of America, OUTSTANDING!" - Dealerrater review

When you need your Subaru serviced, come down to Adventure Subaru! To schedule an appointment, please contact us 888-635-0480.


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