You can always count on your Subaru to take you on your new adventures. From time to time, your Subaru will require some attention to keep performing optimally. Our Painesville Subaru service center recommends drivers get a regular oil change. Your engine runs effectively when there is enough oil lubricating all the moving parts under the hood. Find out below when it's time to bring your car in for an oil change!

Signs You Need an Oil Change

Some indications that your Subaru needs an oil change are:

  • The Oil is Dark: Over time, oil collects dirt and grime from everyday use. Healthy oil is a clear, brown color.
  • Your Engine is Running Louder Than it Should: If you're running low on oil, this will cause the engine parts to rub against each other and create unpleasant noise. Moreover, less oil puts more pressure on the engine to work harder.
  • Check Engine Light is on Dashboard: Typically, when you are almost out of oil, the check engine light will appear on your dashboard. Bring your Subaru in as soon as you can to get it changed and refilled.
  • You Can't Remember the Last Oil Change: There's a good chance that if you do not recall the last time you received an oil change, it's time to get one. Make sure you're keeping up with your Subaru's specific schedule for these maintenance needs.

Why Visit Adventure Subaru

If you experience any of these symptoms, we'll help take care of your Subaru. Come down to Adventure Subaru's service center where our certified technicians will get this done quickly and efficiently. Drivers can also take advantage of these amazing benefits we offer such as competitive pricing, factory trained mechanics, and reliable service.

Service Review

"Outstanding service and a painless experience." - review

When you need to schedule an oil change, contact Adventure Subaru at (440) 352-3700.


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