Ironman 4x4 Accessories

We have a vast collection of off-road vehicle recovery equipment to keep you rolling-even if the worst happens. Pull yourself to freedom by having all the necessary components in your off-road vehicle. Our off-road vehicle recovery equipment is usable on all makes and models. Choose from tire lift kits, bumper lift kits, tire repair cord refills, snatch blocks, bow shackles, heavy-duty drag chains, and so much more. 

Ironman 4x4

Your adventure turned up a notch.

All Terrain Suspension features extended twin-tube struts with greater oil capacity to dissipate heat and improve suspension performance, durability and reliability.

The capability to go further with the confidence you need to get back.

· Performance coils support additional accessory weight
· Extended travel twin-tube struts improve control & comfort
· Low nitrogen charge for a smoother response
· Vehicle specific valving
· 3-year warranty

Snowmageddon Kit

The ultimate all-in-one recovery kit for hazardous driving conditions. With these tools and a little know-how, you can negotiate snow, ice, sand, and mud in a much safer and controlled manner.

Come across a friend in need at the roadside? You'll have the essential equipment to help them out and get them on their way.
Let's start at the start. No traction, need more grip? Our Ironman 4x4 smart deflator quickly removes and holds the valve core for a super fast air dump. Decreasing air pressure elongates and widens your tires footprint creating more traction. The integrated gauge with "start/stop" style button lets you make fine adjustments ensuring the PSI is exactly where you want it. For bad snow and ice try starting at 20 PSI. It's not an exact science but you'll get a feel for the road and can adjust from there.

If the situation is a little more complicated and you or a friend find yourself dug in real bad, use the Ironman 4x4 compact three-piece multi-length shovel to dig all that crud out from your wheels and tires first. Then deploy the recovery kit. It's compact and easy to stow in the vehicle. Take it with you on every trip, whatever the season. Hook up the 11000lbs rated recovery hitch along with the 17,600lbs snatch strap and yank that vehicle out, just like using a giant rubber band. The kit also includes hardy leather gloves, and a pair of 9500lbs (4.75T) rated bow shackles.

Now that your Ironman 4x4 gear saved the day and you survived "Snowmegeddon!" it's time to air back up back to highway pressure or inflate the kids' favorite floaty for that summer-time lakeside campsite. Hey you've already got the heavy-duty air compressor, took no time at all.

Ice ain't nice so DRIVE SAFE! 

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